We minimize the energy consumption of buildings by maintaining the desired indoor climate.

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Do you want to be sure that you work or study in rooms with enough clean air? Thinnect airPurity comes to the rescue!

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Our aiPurity solution provides an overview of the indoor climate of the premises both on the smartphones of the users of the premises and on the desktop of the building manager.

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Smart Facility

Our Smart Facility solution provides an overview of the energy consumption of the building’s systems and allows to improve the building’s energy efficiency through smart management.

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Our VIRAL solution allows assessing the risk of infection with the Covid-19 virus in buildings, visualizing it on users’ phones and on the building manager’s desktop.

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Flawless operation: from the edge of the network to the databases provided by Thinnect


We use PKI security level for Edge devices

Proven in 12 years of work

Our technology has been proven for 12 years and is used in more than 30 countries

Transparent management

We manage networks and applications, ensuring the best performance and reliability of applications


15 years of development has made our technology uniquely self-configuring, reducing deployment costs by up to 75%

Efficient edge computing

We offer Mist Computing technology that improves reliability, scalability and bandwidth utilization

Easy to install

We improve the efficiency of our partners in developing, deploying and managing applications

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