indoor monitoring services

Where can IoT based monitoring help?
In counting, reporting, analysis and prediction of:


Whether it is for the kitchen, grocery store or restaurant Thinnect’s temperature sensors will provide you with detailed information regarding the temperature at all times. This comes specially handy if you need to report temperatures of machinery operated by your company over a period of time to a third party.

Keeping the products of your customers safe from the environment requires detailed understanding of the conditions surrounding the products. Thinnect’s temperature monitoring systems provides you with alerts by email or SMS, so the person who needs to know will know.


It’s clear something is consuming too much power, but it is unclear which of the devices it is. Thinnect’s power meter allows easily gaining detailed information regarding where the consumption is coming from by recording power use over time. Detect any anomalies quickly.

Create digital copies of your devices, model their behavior to find detailed information about which device or machine is consuming how much power and when.


Governments all over the world have placed limits on visitor capacity for all kinds of facilities. Keep track of how many people are in your rooms with Thinnect’s people counter and you’ll never lose count.

Track which parts of the building are in use, which are empty. Gain detailed overview of how many people are in the building, in which room and analyse behaviour over time.


Evaluating the quality of air is a tricky subject, we know it’s important, but how to measure it. The simple answer is by tracking CO2 levels as this gas is like the canary in the coalmine when it comes to assesment of ventilation systems and air quality. Thinnect’s CO2 sensors provide you 24/7 tracking of CO2 levels.

While CO2 will give us a great understanding of ventilation capability tracking various metrics in the air can give us an accurate understanding of the unseen properties of air, temperature, RH%, VOC, PM2.5 and plenty even more complicated acronyms.

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