Facility Monitoring Services

Our Faclity Monitoring services are based on technology from the DigiAudit project from Finest Centre for Smart Cities at Tallinn University of Technology.

Start upgrading your facility, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure a healthy working environment!

We help you to improve your facility
in monitoring, analysis and control of:


Whether it is for the kitchen, grocery store or restaurant, Thinnect’s temperature sensors will provide you detailed information on your storage temperatures at all times. Temperature monitoring is important to ensure food safety but it also reduces the workload for your employees when ensuring regulatory compliance.

Many products require specific environmental conditions for storage and handling. Thinnect’s temperature and humidity monitoring solutions provide you with alerts by email or SMS as so the responsible person can act when needed.


When building systems consume too much power or when the power consumption changes without a clear reason, the causes need to be identified. Thinnect’s multi-channel power meter enables continuous monitoring of power consumption of building systems. Unusually high consumption and anomalies can be detected quickly.

Using detailed power profiles, you can create digital copies of your devices, model their behavior to find detailed information about which device or machine is consuming how much power and when.


Governments all over the world have placed limits on visitor capacity for all kinds of facilities. Keep track of how many people are in your rooms with Thinnect’s people counter and you’ll never lose count.

Track which parts of the building are in use, which are empty. Gain detailed insights into how many people are in the building, in which rooms and analyse behaviour over time.


Evaluating the quality of air is a tricky subject, we all know it’s important, but it is not clear how to measure it. The simple answer is by tracking CO2 levels as this gas is like the canary in the coalmine when it comes to assessment of ventilation systems and air quality. Thinnect’s CO2 sensors provide you 24/7 tracking of CO2 levels.

Find out the scientifically accurate probability of infection in a room. See which factors need improvement to keep your staff and customers safe.


Lighting control based on movement is familiar to most of us. However, this can be taken a step further with rule based control, where lights follow specific rules using movement sensors and other inputs, while also reporting data on movement, energy savings or alerts to a web-based lighting dashboard.

Reduce energy costs by controlling the light levels in room based on the available daylight that reaches the room, ensuring that the desired light levels are maintained.

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