Thinnect technology provides unique advantages to IoT solutions.

Thinnected solutions are scalable, they are easy to deploy and cost effective.


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Thinnect Mesh Networking ensures reliable communication for Edge devices.

Thinnect Mesh is superior compared to competition in bandwidth, latency, as well as reliability.

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Edge Device Management

Thinnect Mist makes it possible to seamlessly manage applications running at the network Edge.

Thinnect makes it possible to orchestrate the operation of Edge devices to extract maximum value to users.

Multiple applications in a network

Thinnect Mist technology makes it possible to run multiple applications in a single Edge network.

Thinnect Mist service-based application layer exposes edge devices functionality as services. Regardless of whether the service is data collection or lighting control, Thinnect Mist enables devices to provide these services autonomously as requested by the user.

Self Configuring

Thinnect Mist Mesh reconfigures automatically if it detects that any changes to network or application configuration are needed.

The world is always changing and the Edge devices deployed in the real world must adapt to these changes to ensure that your applications keep on running.

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Thinnect provides complete IoT solutions from the Edge hardware to the user interface in the Cloud and everything in between:

  • Sensor and control hardware
  • Edge gateways
  • Reliable communication between devices
  • Cloud data storage
  • Cloud data analytics
  • Information visualization

Every Thinnect product includes the unique advantages offered by Thinnect technology.

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