Virus Infection Risk Assessment Lookout – VIRAL 


The VIRAL project creates a smart tool for providing real time infection risk assessments to room users. 

Multiple applications
on same network
Self configuring
Real-time diagnostics


In the period 20.12.2021 – 31.07.2022, Thinnect OÜ will carry out product development project no. 2014-2020.15.03.21-0358 with the aim of bringing to the market a Virus Infection Risk Assessment Lookout (VIRAL) tool. The VIRAL tool uses data on room air quality (indoor climate), usage of rooms and the activities of the people in the room to assess infection risk. The solution is offered as a service, which performs a 24/7 assessment of the risk of virus infection through an audit of the indoor climate and monitoring the use of the premises.

The European Regional Development Fund will support the project with co-financing of 180,135.00 euros from the EAS product development measure.