ThinBEM – Building Energy Monitor – 24/7 building audit tool.

No network planning
Simple to install / installed by an electrician

The Building Environment Monitoring solution builds on Thinnect’s technology core value propositions, offering

  • reliable building environmental data
  • highly secure operation
  • simple deployment

ThinBEM provides facility managers the opportunity to monitor the environmental parameters in the building and also the operation of various technical systems in the building, such as lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation. This helps to minimize the energy footprint of the building, helping our society to move towards a sustainable future.

The solution helps to assess the efficiency of the building ventilation system, which is crucial for efficiency of building occupants as well as for managing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Scientific studies have shown that poor ventilation supports the spread of the Covid-19 virus. A good indicator of ventilation efficiency is the CO2 level in a room, so monitoring this parameter provides insights into ventilation efficiency.

Accurate indoor climate sensors placed in rooms enable monitoring of crucial indoor climate parameters like CO2, temperature and humidity. All information is available in the rooms as well as on an easy-to-use Cloud dashboard, enabling analytics on building performance.

More information on the ThinBem webiste.