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Thinnect delivers easy-to-use monitoring and control solutions that help our society to be more sustainable. 

Seamless connectivity from the sensor to the cloud
Over $5M invested in technology development
Reliable networking with transparent management
Technology in 8000 devices in 30+ countries


Thinnect is a technology spin-out from the defence company Defendec, a company providing intelligent border patrol solutions, that was co-founded by the now CEO of Thinnect, Jurgo Preden.

Thinnect was founded to utilize the benefits of the patented technology developed at Defendec and bring the advanced technology built for the defence sector to our everyday lives. The wireless mesh, security and application layer technology offers multiple advantages in a range of segments such as supply chain and smart environments. This technology has been uniquely developed to optimally support dynamic edge computing. Thinnect technology uniquely supports network reuse by many applications, making it easy for applications such as environmental monitoring and intelligent lighting to operate on a single network.


Thinnect is an Estonian company offering Internet of Things (IoT) technology, services and solutions enabling the connection of embedded systems (such as controllers for lighting control or sensors for environmental monitoring) to the local network and the internet. Thinnect’s solutions can be used to achieve energy savings as well as increase ease of use and efficiency.

All Thinnect products are based on Thinnect Mist mesh networking technology patented and developed by Thinnect. The main advantages of our technology are:

  • Self configuring network layer – solution deployment is fast as there is no need for network planning and no network configuration at installation time
  • Patented ‘no collision’ TDMA clustering scheme eliminates collisions in large/high density wireless mesh networks. The clustering scheme is realized by each individual node in the network using only local information, available to the nodes and requiring no central coordination.
  • Thinnect solutions enable remote management, ensuring reliable operation and quick identification and solving of any detected issues .


Improve society and optimize resource consumption with autonomous computers in the environment.


Our world’s best technology is used in most Internet of Things applications