Partner engagement and customers

Our partner engagement models with selected Thinnect partners
and customers are are listed below.

Thinnect works with a range of partners across the value chain to facilitate creation and deployment of solutions based on Thinnect Mist technology.

We help our partners in development of custom-branded solutions and we make Thinnect-developed solutions available to our partners.

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Technology Licensing

Thinnect Mist technology is licensed to Original Equipment Manufacturers and Original Design Manufacturers for a range of products.
The Mist technology components are offered as libraries to the partners with documentation and easy-to-follow samples.
Thinnect provides full development support to its OEM and ODM customers.

White Label

Thinnect can customize existing products and create tailor-made products to its White Label customers.
Depending of customer needs, Thinnect provides hardware manufacturing, deployment support and solution management (including second level support) services to its white label customers.

Solution as a Service

Thinnect offers a range of complete solutions to its customers. Thinnect Solution as a Service (SaaS) products include all solution components (hardware, deployment, data storage, cloud dashboards and maintenance) in a single monthly fee. Thinnect SaaS products include the Temp-Sense food safety solution as well as the ThinBEM building energy efficiency solution.

Thinnect Solution Partners


is Thinnect’s strategic technology partner in China.

H-IoT has introduced Thinnect Mist technology to the Greater China market and they are supporting Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) on the China market.

EAS Solutions

is a luminaire manufacturer from Bordeaux, France who offer high quality LED luminaires to commercial customers.
EAS Solutions offers the Intelligent Lighting solution from Thinnect to its customers customers branded as EAS Lighting Control solution.


is a food safety HACCP software solution provider. FoodDocs has integrated Thinnect food safety sensors into their HACCP solution, enabling their customers to take advantage of automated temperature monitoring.

Tallinn University of Technology

is Thinnect’s Research and Development partner.
Thinnect is collaborating with TalTech on developing next generation Smart City and Critical Infrastructure sensors that feature AI technology in the Edge sensor device.


offers Intelligent Street lighting solutions. First Cityntel deployment was done in 2012 and Cityntel have over 3000 devices deployed in eight cities.

The city of Tartu

have deployed Thinnect traffic monitoring sensors on bridges of the city to monitor traffic flow in the city.


is the capital city of Estonia.
The city of Tallinn is a strategic partner of Thinnect in Smart City technology development and validation.

Estonian Smart City Cluster

is the competence center for Smart Cities in Estonia.
Thinnect works with the Smart City Cluster on new smart city concepts and pilot projects.