SMENETE – Next Generation Networking

The Smart Environment Networking Technologies (SMENETE) project focuses on developing the next generation of IoT Networking technology components for supporting Smart Environment applications.

Multiple applications
on same network
Self configuring
Real-time diagnostics

The SMENETE project is conducted in collaboration with Tallinn University of Technology. The project is partially funded by the Smart Specialization applied research grant funded by the European Union European Regional Development Fund via Archimedes. The total budget of the project is €1,4M, with €1M being funded by the grant.

The objectives of the project are 1) to validate some core Thinnect networking technology components by TUT researchers, 2) identify the features that must be supported for core networking technology to successfully implement smart environment applications, 3) implement the additional features and 4) to validate the existing and new features in a large-scale Smart City network.

As a result of the project Thinnect’s networking stack will be complemented with additional features, making Thinnect’s offering more competitive in the Smart Environments market.