Thinnect and USRealEstate have partnered together to help schools re-open safely. By making use of Thinnect’s CO2 sensors USRealEstate will monitor and analyze the indoor air circulation quality of schools. The goal is to asses the status of ventilation systems ability to keep the air fresh. This insight will enable the company to assure students and teachers of these schools that adequate air circulation is provided. This insight will make it easier to reduce risks of virus infections and improve indoor air quality.

The national TV station ETV picked up the story and invited the directors of both companies to discuss the subject on live television. Currently the schools in Estonia in general do not monitor CO2 levels yet. However the importance of this indicator has never been higher. There are already many solutions available to measure CO2 levels on the market, but few of them are capable of storing and transmitting the data gathered. Thinnect’s solution enables this data to be stored and analyzed on any level be it by the teacher or at the school, local municipality or the ministry of education.

The broadcast in Estonian, and is available ETV as VOD. The start time of the interview is at 1:44:48