Reliable Wireless Sensing

As an IoT Technology and Solution Provider, Thinnect is delivering on the promise of IoT. We offer security, dependability and usability for IoT with applications ranging from Supply Chain to Smart Environments.

Seamless connectivity from the sensor to the cloud
15 years in development
Reliable networking with transparent management
12 years field proven
Over $5M invested in technology development
Technology in 8000 devices in 30+ countries

Thinnect offers reliable IoT wireless sensing and control solutions. We offer complete solutions as a service, we create and manage solutions for our white label customers and we license our technology to OEMs.

Thinnect is a technology spin-out from Defendec, which is a company providing intelligent border patrol solutions, co-funded by the CEO of Thinnect, Jurgo Preden. Jurgo was the CTO of Defendec for 6 years, directing the wireless border patrol product development. Jurgo also supported the commercialization of Defendec technology, resulting in its deployment in 30 countries across the world.

Thinnect was formed to exploit the many benefits of the patented technology developed at Defendec. The wireless mesh, security and application layer technology provides multiple advantages in a range of segments such as supply chain and smart environments. This technology has been uniquely developed to optimally support dynamic edge computing (we call this Mist computing). This optimally supports network reuse in many applications, such as Smart Facility, asset tracking, environmental monitoring and others to operate on a single (lighting) network.



Jurgo Preden


Jurgo is leading the vision of implementing Mist Computing by applying his 17 years of experience in industry and academia. Jurgo was with the Invisible Computing Group at Microsoft Research, he was the founder and CTO of Defendec and he has worked as an engineer for companies in Europe as well as in North America. Before starting Thinnect Jurgo was head of the Research Laboratory for Proactive Technologies at Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian National Representative for NATO RTO SCI panel.

Lenno Ruut


Lenno has ample experience in risk and finance management from banking and private equity.

Raido Pahtma


Raido has over a decade of experience in design and implementation of wireless monitoring and control systems.

Madis Uusjärv

Senior engineer

Madis has over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing embedded systems. Madis is the key person behind Thinnect’s Mist networking technology, he makes sure that the implementation of our patented TDMA mesh networking scheme is robust and reliable.

Marge Raun


Marge has decades of experience managing people and dealing with complex individuals. She is putting her experience to use and she is implementing proven processes at Thinnect.

Board of Directors

Pasi Tikka

Board Member

Pasi has over two decades of experience in the semiconductor industry.

Stanislav Ivanov

Board Member

Stanislav is a partner at Tera Ventures, in addition to experience as a VC, he has also valuable industry experience.

Jack Guedj

Board Member

Jack was President and CEO of Tensilica since 2008 leading a successful turn-around culminating with the sale of Tensilica to Cadence in Apr 2013.