Senior Embedded Developer

Thinnect is looking for a senior embedded engineer to complement our engineering team in Tallinn

Thinnect develops and offers complete solutions that help to solve the fundamental challenges that our society faces – energy efficiency, health and safety. 

Thinnect solutions are based on our complete Internet of Things platform from Edge devices to a Cloud application and management platform. Thinnect core technology is at the Edge of IoT – we enable creation of distributed applications in the embedded network using a service-based architecture (called Mist Computing), which is managed from the Cloud. Thinnect has applied its technology in Smart Facility monitoring and management, Smart City and Food Safety. Over 5000 Intelligent Street lighting wireless nodes containing our technology have been deployed in eight countries.

Senior embedded software development engineer

We are looking for an embedded software developer who has experience with embedded operating systems running on ARM microcontrollers. You will be a member of Thinnect core technology development team. Working as part of the team you have the opportunity to develop software, which we expect will be used in millions of devices in the future.

Expectations for a Candidate

  • Excellent command of C 
  • Experience with Python
  • Good command of embedded operating systems, components and standards (e.g., FreeRTOS, CMSIS)
  • Experience with wireless communications and networking (e.g. IEEE802.15.4)
  • Good spoken and written English
  • Passion for efficient coding on embedded systems and beyond
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability and willingness to create documentation on the systems you work on
  • At least three years of professional software development experience

What we offer

Opportunity to work at the bleeding edge of the Internet of Things, defining the way embedded devices will communicate in the future.
Opportunity to work on technology and solutions that help to solve fundamental problems for mankind.


Ready for the challenge?

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