Cleaning Tracking

No network planning
Simple to install / installed by an electrician

Thinnect TrackC solution performs automatic tracking of space usage and cleaning in a facility and visualizes the information on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Sensors in every space detect when a space has been used and potentially contaminated. These areas are marked with red on the facility map.

Cleaning personnel are equipped with tags that help to track and analyze the sanitization of rooms. Clean areas are marked green on the facility map.

The solution provides an overview to the facility managers on which areas of the facility are safe to use and which require cleaning.



Thinnect OÜ viib perioodil 10.06.2020-30.11.2020. a ellu arendusprojekti nr EU59732, mille eesmärk on turule tuua CTS lahendus. Projekti kaasrahastab Regionaalarengu Fond 35 000 euroga.